PhD thesis proposal at IMT Mines Albi and IMT Mines Alès Development of biopolymer foams by supercritical CO2 assisted extrusion

This PhD work will therefore better understand the phenomenology of porosity formation during the supercritical fluid assisted extrusion process, which is still largely misunderstood, and whose control and monitoring remains problematic. Particular attention will be given to the control of open or closed porosity, this structural parameter conditioning indeed many properties of foams: thermal conductivity, damping, resilience,… Moreover, this work could lead to new applications such as for example galenic forms allowing a control of the gastric retention time or in the biomedical field by proposing materials whose porous structure allows the vascular recolonization (scaffolds). This process is finally likely to improve the grinding ability of the polymers thus manufactured, hence opening a door to easier subsequent shaping or better recyclability of all types of polymers (well beyond the biopolymers that make the focus of this study).

  • Thesis supervisors: Prof. Jacques FAGES (Albi) and Dr. Jean-Charles BENEZET (Alès)
  • Co-supervisors: Drs. Martial SAUCEAU and Romain SESCOUSSE (Albi) and Dr. Nicolas LE MOIGNE (Alès)
  • Profile: Engineer (or Master II) in Materials Science and Engineering with good knowledge in polymers and processing. He (she) must have demonstrated during the course of his (her) study an aptitude for experimental research. He (she) must be autonomous, rigor, curious with excellent communication skills (oral and written, in French and English) and teamwork.

Information and contacts:

  • Pr. Jacques FAGES :
  • Dr. Jean-Charles BENEZET
  • Dr. Nicolas LE MOIGNE :
  • Dr. Martial SAUCEAU :
  • Dr. Romain SESCOUSSE :

Send CV and cover letter to the first 2 email addresses above.

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