Post Doctoral Offer on supercritical water desalination – East Carolina University

See the full offer and applications conditions through the following link :

The Water-Energy Nexus team at East Carolina University are developing a novel and sustainable water desalination system that operates off-grid with zero liquid waste discharge by integrating conventional reverse osmosis and emerging supercritical water desalination technologies to convert seawater into clean water and solid salt crystals using renewable (wave and solar) energies.

The postdoctoral scholar is responsible for independent and collaborative development, implementation, and analysis of scientific research in the discipline of water desalination & renewable energy technologies.

Responsibilities include management of all aspects of (1) design, testing and enhancement of current small scale supercritical water (SW) desalination system and scale-up the process to a capacity of 1-10 gals/hr, (2) design, simulate and integrate direct pressurized wave-to-water (W2W) system and, (3) coordinate and supervise undergraduate and graduate students.

Duties include: hypothesis development, literature review, collection of pilot data, report writing, and supervising of undergraduate research students and graduate research students, overseeing data collection procedures, supervising experimental procedures, review of data for quality control, supervision of data entry/data analysis, analysis of research hypothesis using descriptive and multivariate statistics, and the development of independent and collaborative presentations and publications. The successful candidate is expected to have experience and be comfortable running, analyzing, and troubleshooting technical scale prototype. Scholars are expected to demonstrate compliance with established guidelines and regulatory standards for research.

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