PH D Offer – Supercritical technology applied to the development of innovative intravitreal sustained-release drug delivery systems, University Aix Marseille

This project is a part of a collaboration between the research team “Processes and Supercritical fluids” of the laboratory M2P2 (UMR CNRS 7340, Aix Marseille University), expert on pharmaceutical formulation processes using supercritical fluids [2-7] and Pr. Matonti, expert in the retina complications and diseases, affiliated to the Neuroscience Institute of La Timône and to the Paradis Monticelli Center of Ophthalmology and supported by a French pharmaceutical group. The complementary skills and competences of involved partners, as well as their geographical proximity, are all assets. The objective of this Ph.D. work will be to implement a new

Doctoral research subject:

We are seeking for an outstanding and motivated candidate with an Engineer/Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering / Industrial pharmacy. The candidate would demonstrate motivation, scientific curiosity and rigor. He/she should present good experimental skills, autonomy and investment. Experiences in supercritical fluid processes, galenic formulations and encapsulation processes are valuable. A good command of English language (written and spoken) is required.

Informations and contacts


A covering letter, a detailed curriculum vitae, contact details of at least two references and transcript of at least the two last years of studies should be sent to

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