The objective of the meeting is to gather together all the members of the supercritical fluid community and to give the opportunity to academic researchers and industrial practitioners to provide a complete and critical up-date on all the current technologies using Supercritical Fluids, their different applications as well as the latest innovations being developed.


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Author Title Session
Asahina Shunsuke Nanocluster analysis using ultra high resolution scanning electron microscope Last analytical and technological developments, Bioresource valorization
Cocero Maria Jose Aromatics compound from lignin by supercritical water ultrafast reactions: understanding the lignin re-polymerization. Supercritical fluid-based sustainable manufacturing
Deleau Thomas Experimental determination of mass transfer coefficients in two-phase flow at high pressure in a micro capillary Supercritical fluid properties and thermodynamics
Kim Jaehoon Role of supercritical fluids in synthesizing high-performance cathodes and anodes for lithium- and sodium-ion batteries Novel Materials 3
Knez Zeljko Design of processes using supercritical fluids Industrial developments
Lacroix-Desmazes Patrick Promising extraction of palladium precious metal from aluminosilicate-supported catalysts by supercritical CO2 assisted by polymers Recycling and circular economy
Lucia Baldino Supercritical gel drying and foaming: advanced processes for biopolymeric scaffolds production Novel materials 5
Melo Marcelo Supercritical fluid extraction of vegetal biomass from 2000 to 2020: systematization by stage of research, diversity of species, and features of solutes Health, food and natural products 3
Müller Thomas Ernst Supercritical Fluids Enabling Power-to-X - New Raw Materials for a Climate-Neutral Chemical Industry Green chem 3
Nesterov Nikolai Combining of sol-gel and SCF methods as advanced approaches for the composite catalysts synthesis Novel Materials 4
Oriez Vincent Optimization of the production of HMF by extractive reaction in supercritical CO2-water two-phase system Green chem 1
Saldana Marleny D.a. Oligosaccharides production and purification from barley bran using sequential supercritical CO2 extraction, subcritical water hydrolysis and membrane filtration Bioresource valorization
Sara Spilimbergo High pressure CO2 technology for the preservation of ready-to-eat food Health, food and natural products 1
Sarver Joseph Linking Thermophysical Properties to Foaming Outcomes for Rubbery Elastomers using High-Pressure Torsional Braid Analysis Last analytical and technological developments, CO2 utilization and valorization
Smirnova Irina Edible aerogels: new materials for food industry? Novel Materials 2
Tassaing Thierry Conversion of CO2 into cyclic carbonates: benchmarking of the synthetic routes Green chem 2
Temelli Feral Adsorptive precipitation of vitamins D3 and E on gum arabic and alginate dried using Pressurized Gas eXpanded liquid (PGX) process Health, food and natural products 4
Topiar Martin Fractionation of Polyphenols and Flavonoids from a Grape Cane Using High-Pressure Extraction Techniques Health, food and natural products 2
Ventosa Nora CO2-expanded solvents for the preparation of high-quality nanovesicles for biomedical applications Novel Materials 1