The objective of the meeting is to gather together all the members of the supercritical fluid community and to give the opportunity to academic researchers and industrial practitioners to provide a complete and critical up-date on all the current technologies using Supercritical Fluids, their different applications as well as the latest innovations being developed.


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Author Title Session
Alonso Patricia Subcritical water extraction and identification of phenolic compounds from Brewer's Spent Grain (BSG) Health, food and natural products 3
Barbini Stefano sc-CO2 extraction of softwood bark: supercritical fluid chromatography and GC-MS/FID differences in extracts profiling characterization Last analytical and technological developments, Bioresource valorization
Barth Danielle Supercritical carbon dioxide drying of organogels:solvent recovery Novel Materials 2
Campardelli Roberta Supercritical CO2 impregnation of vanillin in to zein electrospun for food packaging application Health, food and natural products 1
Costa Clarinda Integrated manufacture of liposomal dry powder formulations for pulmonary enzyme delivery: When pharmaceutical technology meets green chemistry Novel Materials 1
Enders Sabine Calculation of Solubility of Cannabinoids in Supercritical CO2 Supercritical fluid properties and thermodynamics
Furlan Marco novel process for the impregnation of suture threads with thermally sensitive chemicals Health, food and natural products 4
Marty Jean-Daniel Enhanced Stabilization of Water/scCO2 Interface by Block-Like Spontaneous Gradient Copolymers Novel materials 5
Momose Takeshi Conformal TiO2 film formation on high-aspect-ratio features by supercritical fluid deposition using quasi-0th-order reaction kinetics Supercritical fluid-based sustainable manufacturing
Nobre Luis Preparation of materials to carbon dioxide capture using supercritical antisolvent process Green chem 2
Pleskac Ondrej Selective enzymatic hydrolysis of triglycerides in supercritical carbon dioxide in continuous-flow packed-bed reactor Green chem 1
Preibisch Imke Elucidation of the CO2 induced Gelation Mechanism of Biopolymer Solutions: Development of In-situ Methods Last analytical and technological developments, CO2 utilization and valorization
Roubaud Anne Hydrothermal liquefaction of food wastes for biofuel production: batch versus continuous Bioresource valorization
Tejedor-Calvo Eva Black truffle aroma extraction by supercritical fluids Health, food and natural products 2
Türk Michael Preparation of CeO2 nanoparticles by continuous hydrothermal synthesis: experimental and modeling results Novel Materials 3
Voisin Thomas Supercritical CO2 process for the delamination of complex multimaterials wastes to enable their recycling and reuse Industrial developments
Yousefzadeh Hamed Supercritical Ion Exchange: A New Method to Prepare Cu-Exchanged Mordenite for Direct Conversion of Methane to Methanol Novel Materials 4
Zhao Xiaoqian Recovery of Metals from Spent Lithium-ion Battery by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide with Chelating Ligand Green chem 3
Zheng Qingxin Hydrothermal leaching of commercial and spent lithium-ion battery cathode materials with citric acids employing batch and continuous flow system Recycling and circular economy