The International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids (ISASF) is a non-profit society that aims to promote knowledge and applications of Supercritical Fluids. ISASF has been created by Michel Perrut in 1986.

The Society is managed by a Board elected by members who meet at least once a year at the annual assembly meeting.

The Society role essentially consists in diffusing information and facilitating exchanges between the different actors in Research and Development, both from public institutions and industrial companies. Meetings, seminars and symposia are organised with different periodicity: Every three years, the International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids gathers investigators from all domains, meanwhile almost every year, ISASF proposes a meeting focused on a particular domain. All scientific communications are gathered in proceedings that can be ordered to ISASF or downloaded from ISASF website. 

The Society pays a particular attention to help researchers from developing countries and all students to participate to such meetings.

“Michel Perrut dedicated his professional life to promoting, disseminating and developing Supercritical Fluid (SCF) technology all over the world. He did this successfully, donning many different professional caps, not only as a scientist and researcher in industry and academia “
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Dr Michel Perrut Credit Photo The Journal of Supercritical Fluids
Volume 145, March 2019, Pages A1-A2

The Society office is located at Batiment INEED, 1 Rue Marc Seguin, BP 16199 Valence cedex 9 (France) where you can reach the secretary