ISASF edits and sells proceedings of many meetings and symposia. Since 2003, proceeding are put on line around 2 years after meetings. If you want to order one or several books before year 2003 (see list below) or electronic version for symposia after 2003, send a purchase order to the ISASF secretary :

Proceedings On-line

Online proceedings of the 18 th EMSF Online Meeting, 2021
Online proceedings of the online Aerogel Seminar, 2020
Online proceedings of the 12 th ISSF Meeting in Antibes, France (2018)
Proceedings of the 15th EMSF meeting in Essen (Germany), 2016

Proceedings of the 14th EMSF meeting in Marseille (France), 2014

Proceedings of the 1st Seminar on Aerogels, Nancy (France) December  2012

Proceedings of the 13th EMSF meeting in The Hague (The Netherlands), 2011

Proceedings of the 12th EMSF meeting in Graz (Austria), 2010

Proceedings of the 9th ISSF meeting in Arcachon (France), 2009

Proceedings of the 11th EMSFmeeting in Barcelona (Spain), 2008

Proceedings of the 10th EMSF meeting in Colmar (France), 2005

Proceedings of the 9th EMSF meeting in Trieste (Italy), 2004

Proceedings of the 6th ISSF meeting in Versailles (France), 2003

List of proceedings available On-order

ProceedingsISBN Price

11th European Meeting
May 2008 

ISBN 2-905267-58-5

60 € (USB memory stick) (English Language) 
80 € (USB memory stick + book of abstracts)

10th European Meeting
COLMAR (France)
Decembre 2005 

CD-Rom 50 € (English language)

8th Meeting
BORDEAUX (France) April 2002


2 books 30 €                (English Language)